New and Used Rentals

We allow for rentals of our new and used products. We have an extensive line up of items ready to be rented out in our warehouse and in-store!


Church Supplies

We offer a variety of supplies for churches and other religious establishments. We have  clergy apparel, books, communion supplies, incense, candles and much more! Please take a look at our collections that you are interested in! If we don't have something you need, please feel free to contact us!



Metal Restoration

Our restoration team ensures that your items will look good as the day they were made. We offer statue and metal restoration/refurbishing!

refinished, restoration


Votive Systems

The St. Killian Glass System is a three pieces patented glass system. The color glass is secured on the stand; the middle glass is used as a barrier to protect the color from any excess wax. The candle then sits inside the inner glass.


Votive Candle Burning Unit


Memorial Projects

Our Memorial Projects service ensures the project you have in mind for your loved one is replicated to the utmost of precision. 


Donor Walls

We offer donor wall design and installation services. If you have a design in mind, get into contact with us so we can make your design come to life.