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St. Killian's

St. Malachy's Range | Votive Candle Burning Unit | 58 Piece

St. Malachy's Range | Votive Candle Burning Unit | 58 Piece

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Purchases come with 3 free boxes of candles! ((Total of 1896 candles)


The St. Malachy's unit has proven to be the most popular unit within the range. Its built-in candle box holders maximize space and enable a good supply of candles to be on display for parishioners. It is also easy to maintain due to a limited amount or retro space on display.

The St. Killian glass system is a three pieces patented glass system. The color glass is secured on the stand; the middle glass is used as a barrier to protect the color from any excess wax. The candle then sits inside the inner glass. 

This flame is then isolated within secured glass to eliminate the fear of a candle falling over. After burning for 60-90 minutes; the candle is completely liquid, and falls through the hole at the end of the inner glass; extinguishing itself on the way down falling into a water bath to completely guarantee quenching.

  • St. Killians Candles are made with three times refined paraffin and therefore does not omit any soot/smoke making it reliable for Churches and Cathedrals. 
  • Environmentally friendly, no plastic or aluminum cups; No unprotected flames; No wax spillage.
  • Revenue generated: on average, we see that revenues increase by approx. 75%. 


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