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St. Killian's

St. Thomas Range | Votive Candle Burning Unit | 33 Piece

St. Thomas Range | Votive Candle Burning Unit | 33 Piece

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Purchases come with 2 free boxes of candles! (Total of 1264 Candles)!


The St. Thomas unit was designed to allow the burning of candles in smaller shrines or quieter locations. It is light in weight and therefore easy to transport. It also features a built-in candle dox holder to maximize space.

The St. Killian glass system is a three pieces patented glass system. The color glass is secured on the stand; the middle glass is used as a barrier to protect the color from any excess wax. The candle then sits inside the inner glass. 

This flame is then isolated within secured glass to eliminate the fear of a candle falling over. After burning for 60-90 minutes; the candle is completely liquid, and falls through the hole at the end of the inner glass; extinguishing itself on the way down falling into a water bath to completely guarantee quenching.

  • St. Killians Candles are made with three times refined paraffin and therefore does not omit any soot/smoke making it reliable for Churches and Cathedrals. 
  • Environmentally friendly, no plastic or aluminum cups; No unprotected flames; No wax spillage.
  • Revenue generated: on average, we see that revenues increase by approx. 75%. 


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