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Womens Alb - Grey Embroidery - SLB30059W

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Alb decorated with exquisite embroidery. Designed in a convenient front-wrap (coat) style, adaptable to be worn under a chasuble as a vestment for concelebration for baptism, Mass, or for lectors. Collar is finished with a fixed amice, concealing clothing underneath (no separate amice needed). Fabric-covered buttons for a perfect fit, with two slits for access to pants pockets. Elegant front and back pleats guarantee freedom of movement, and can be worn with or without a cincture.

Material: Ravenna, a medium weight, easy to launder fabric


Womens Size Chart:

L6  Length 51"; Chest 31-34"
L8 Length 52"; Chest 31-34"
L10 Length 53"; Chest 34-37"
L11 Length 53"; Chest 37-41"
L12 Length 54"; Chest 37-41"
L13 Length 54"; Chest 37-41"
L14 Length 55"; Chest 37-41"
L15 Length 57"; Chest 41-45"
L16 Length 59"; Chest 45-49"

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